Sue Hawkins aka Suzanna Hawkins, Artist of SuzannArtistry.comSue (“Suzanna”) Hawkins grew up in Tucumcari, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. With ranching and farming the family history, the artist was exposed to the enchanting landscapes and open skies of the Southwest all her early years. At fifteen, she was selling watercolors in the El Paso area. Her subject matter centered around horses, cattle and southwestern landscapes. She attended college at Texas Western in El Paso, majoring in art.

A move to northern Virginia exposed her to a different landscape and art scene. Married and raising six children, she put her art career on hold until early in 1970 when she joined the League of Reston Artists and began getting some exposure through their gallery and community connections. With encouragement from sales, she built a studio and embarked on a serious pursuit of a market. In 1979, she was introduced to batik as an art form and began to experiment with dyes for the first time. One of her earliest batiks took “Best in Show” at the prestigious Waterford Show in Waterford, Virginia, judged by the curator of the Hirshorn Collection in Washington, D.C. At this point, the artist realized that batik would soon become the medium of her choice. Still doing watercolors and exhibiting and selling throughout the Washington area, she began to concentrate on the southwestern theme of her batik. A market opened up her work in galleries in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Colorado. Working with interior designers from Fort Worth, Dallas and El Paso, she placed her pieces in homes and businesses across the southwest. Commissions and some cover work for magazines helped her gain an ever-widening audience. Her work has been shown in the Via Gambaro Gallery in Washington, D.C., Los Lanos Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tres Mariposas Gallery and the Hazel Aber Gallery in El Paso, Minos Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as smaller galleries in Waterford, Alexandria, Arlington and Leesburg, Virginia. She has shown her work in Harrisburg, Boiling Springs, Letitz and York, Pennsylvania as well.

A move to Poinciana in 2001 brought her work to Florida. She is presently residing in Solivita, Florida and has a studio in her home. Her work can be viewed by appointment.

Sue Hawkins

Artist Sue Hawkins